The Brand

Sand Bikini was founded/established in 2017 in Campania, from a project of two young brothers, Fabio and Nunzia, who in addition to being united by infinite love, respect and sharing, they are also united by the passion for fashion.

The passion has been the driving force of the business, and so from a small company, managed by only two persons, with many sacrifices and sleepless nights, it has become a well-defined reality, which has now a team of young professionals that, in full harmony with each others, are committed to offer a service and a product of impeccable quality every day, in full support of the incomparable manufacturing and totally "Made in Italy" fabrics, which they intend to enhance and bring back in vogue.

Sand Bikini is aimed at a free, strong and happy woman, who is not afraid to distinguish, to impose her ideas, tastes and passions.

Every year, the team is committed to propose innovative, cutting-edge ideas, giving top priority to the opinions and tastes of her customers, with whom it establishes a continuous dialogue of comparison.

For SandBikini, it is not the individual that makes a company "Great", but the entire team - as a whole - where everyone plays a fundamental role of unquestionable priority. Hoping to always being up to expectations.